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Estimated Prices


Execution date

Measurement: The measured square meters include all fabric areas to be processed.

Only complete fabric areas will be processed, not individual parts of fabric areas.

Up to 10m² flat rate   CHF 350.-

From 10m²                 CHF  35 /m² Waterproofing           CHF    5 /m²


The application is carried out to the best of our knowledge, but if the fabric is extremely dirty, stains - such as oil, grease, paint, chemicals, mildew and mildew stains etc. - may still be faintly visible after treatment. The client is obliged to draw the company's attention to special circumstances or dangers. The work surfaces below and three meters around the workplace must be free of moveable objects. The executing company has liability insurance. Power connection (220 volt, 3-pole, 10 amp slow-blow) and cold water connection are provided by the customer.

The price offered is a flat rate and includes cleaning on both sides. Minor repair work (max. 5% of the offer amount) is included in the invoice amount. Waterproofing will be charged separately. Larger repairs are offered and invoiced separately.  Travel allowance by arrangement.


If possible, holes or tears in the fabric are repaired with original fabrics using the "hot-melt" process. Open seams are sewn up by hand with waxed thread.


Normally, the work is carried out on site on installed systems with high water pressure. In exceptional cases, the work can be carried out on site with a dismantled system or by the executing company.

The time of execution of the order is agreed with the customer. The execution date can be changed due to adverse circumstances, e.g. bad weather, are postponed, i.e. a new appointment will be made. Smaller jobs (up to 20 m2) can only be carried out if another job is being carried out in the vicinity (20 km).


The guarantee on the impregnation, i.e. for absolute waterproofness is two years. The guarantee does not apply if, after impregnation, the fabrics are processed in any way or if cleaning or other chemical materials come into contact with the fabrics due to external influences.

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