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We clean and impregnate sun blinds, awnings & large umbrellas made of organic and synthetic materials on site, Switzerland-wide with a two-year guarantee of absolute water impermeability.
Only regular care of your sun and weather protection systems can guarantee that they will retain their value over the years.

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Our expert teams will visit you on site and clean the fabrics and mechanics using modern high-pressure water technology.



Our special, biodegradable cleaning agents guarantee you gentle care of the expensive fabrics.

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After the fabric has dried out, our special impregnation solution is applied to the weather side of the fabric using the spray mist method, which is the core of the treatment


Impermeability is now guaranteed.

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Fabric Repairs & Entertains


At the end of the "brush-up", any burn holes or cracks are professionally repaired: with original decorative fabrics using the "hot-melt" method.


Open seam panels are sewn by hand with waxed thread. If necessary, the moving parts of the mechanics are treated with special lubricants.

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